Ep. 9 National Popular Vote, Publicly Financed Elections, and Amendment Counterarguments

We’ve got something for everyone in this episode, starting with an update on the progress of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact–which new states have joined? How many more electoral votes until the compact goes into effect? Then at the 9 minute mark we turn to publicly financed elections in Los Angeles and the pros and cons of public financing in general. At 20:45, turn in as we discuss two of the most common counterarguments against a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics. Sit back, listen, and enjoy the latest episodes of the Citizens Take Action Podcast.

Ep. 4 Fixing the Electoral College with James K. Glassman

James K. Glassman joins the podcast to talk about the problems caused by the Electoral College and address the most common arguments in favor of the Electoral College. David and James also explain how we can fix the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and how you can support the Compact in your state.