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The Citizens Take Action podcast is a great way to learn more about how to fix some of the fundamental problems in our political system like big money in politics or how to get more Americans politically active. Hosted by CTA’s founder, attorney, and activist David Edward Burke, episodes cover such topics as why we need a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics and how you can get involved! Get informed through the podcast on the issues that matter. Then TAKE ACTION!

Ep. 10 Why There Is New Hope For Political Reform In 2021

After a polarizing four years, a Capitol riot, and a contentious election, systemic political reforms feel more essential than ever. Fortunately, there is new hope for political reform in 2021. In this episode we discuss why the last four years were not hospitable to systemic reforms, why we expect the next four years to be […]

Ep. 9 National Popular Vote, Publicly Financed Elections, and Amendment Counterarguments

We’ve got something for everyone in this episode, starting with an update on the progress of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact–which new states have joined? How many more electoral votes until the compact goes into effect? Then at the 9 minute mark we turn to publicly financed elections in Los Angeles and the pros […]

Ep. 8 How To Analyze Presidential Debates with Jon Landis

The first round of 2020 Democratic Primary debates are in the books and with the second round fast approaching, we thought there was no better time for a podcast. In this episode Jon Landis and David Edward Burke share their thoughts on how to analyze presidential debates. How do we separate the substance from the […]

Ep. 7 Big Money in Local Elections with Trailblazers PAC’s Leslie Danks Burke

President and founder of Trailblazers PAC Leslie Danks Burke joins the podcast to explain how their organization supports candidates who support clean money. Learn more about their work, Leslie’s experience running for office, and how voters respond to candidates who embrace campaign finance reform. Leslie and David also discuss the impact of money in local […]

Ep. 6 HR1, Democrats’ Anti-Corruption Bill Explained with Jon Landis

House Democrats recently passed HR1, an “anti-corruption” bill. What does it actually do?  What are its chances of success? How does it fit in with the movement for a constitutional amendment? Answers to those questions and more in the latest episode of the Citizens Take Action Podcast with guest Jon Landis.

Ep. 5 How to Become Politically Active with Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Marshall James

Marshall James of Citizens Climate Lobby discusses his journey into political activism and what Citizens’ Climate Lobby is doing to fight climate change in Congress. So if you’re politically curious but want to become politically active, or you’d like to learn more about the leading legislation to fight climate change, press play and enjoy our […]

Ep. 4 Fixing the Electoral College with James K. Glassman

James K. Glassman joins the podcast to talk about the problems caused by the Electoral College and address the most common arguments in favor of the Electoral College. David and James also explain how we can fix the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and how you can support the Compact in […]

Ep. 3 Do we need to abolish all corporate constitutional rights?

David Edward Burke and Jon Landis consider the question of whether an amendment to get big money out of politics should abolish all corporate constitutional rights. Is it necessary? Is it practical? Find out all that and more in this third episode of the Citizens Take Action podcast!

Ep. 2 An Article V Convention, Wolf PAC, an Amendment, and More!

David Edward Burke and Jon Landis, discuss the controversial Article V Constitutional Convention approach for an amendment to get big money out of politics, the equally controversial Wolf PAC organization, the prospect of a runaway convention (or a dissappointing one) and more in this second episode of the Citizens Take Action podcast.

Ep. 1 A Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

In this inaugural episode of the Citizens Take Action podcast, David Edward Burke explains how big money got into politics, why a constitutional amendment is necessary to fix our campaign finance problems, and most importantly, how you can get involved in the movement to pass the Restore Democracy Amendment!