Our Plan

Citizen Take Action is working to pass the Restore Democracy Amendment and get big money out of politics because big money disrupts the fundamental relationship between us and our elected officials. Our elected representatives are supposed to be responsive to We The People and do what is in our best interests. But due to poorly reasoned Supreme Court decisions like Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United, corporations, unions, and ultra wealthy individuals have gained too much influence over our elected officials. As a result, many laws and policies now favor powerful moneyed interests at the expense of the majority of Americans.

Because big money in politics is a problem that prevents progress on so many other problems–rising health care costs, climate change, economic inequality and more–we must solve the underlying problem first. In order to protect the integrity of our democracy we must pass a constitutional amendment that reduces the influence of powerful interests in politics and enhances the voices of individuals. That’s why Citizens Take Action is proud to support the Restore Democracy Amendment!

The Restore Democracy Amendment is a constitutional amendment proposal that is carefully crafted to get big money out of politics. It will give Congress, state legislatures, and voters the ability to enact powerful campaign finance reforms like overturning Citizens United or instituting publicly financed elections. The Restore Democracy Amendment is not a partisan proposal because getting big money out of politics is not a partisan issue. The amendment goes after big money from both corporations and unions, giving it the bipartisan appeal necessary to pass through Congress and ultimately be ratified by three quarters of state legislatures. But in order to pass a constitutional amendment we need your help!

We need volunteers to help us build support for a constitutional amendment in every Congressional district. And we need grassroots donors to power this campaign. So if you want to help us get big money out of politics and reclaim our democracy please sign up to volunteer and make a donation today! If we work together towards this common goal, we truly can get big money out of politics and restore government of, by, and for the people!