Getting big money out of politics depends on one thing–people power. If enough of us work together to put pressure on our elected officials, then we can gain enough support to pass a constitutional amendment to restore government that truly works for We The People. And it doesn’t have to be a full time job. Consistently putting in a few hours every now and then is all it takes. So if you’re ready to be part of the solution, sign up to volunteer with Citizens Take Action today by filling out the form below and telling us a little bit about yourself. No matter your skills or experience, there are great ways to get involved. We hope to hear from you soon!


Meet one of our standout volunteers–Matthew Scammahorn!

Matthew recently finished his junior year at Cerritos High School. Though he had a heavy course load of advanced classes and challenging extracurricular activities, Matthew has been one of Citizens Take Action’s most active volunteers. He set up a meeting with his local Congressional office, spread the word to friends and family members about the Restore Democracy Amendment, and has helped with everything from research to creating social media content and recruiting additional volunteers.

What inspired Matthew to get involved? We asked and here is what he said:

“I decided to be part of Citizens Take Action because I realized the importance of campaign finance reform in this country. If businesses continue lobbying and buying politicians that serve only corporate interests, us individuals will never have a true voice in government. If the efforts put forth by those who are involved with Citizens Take Action become successful, future politicians will then do what is best for the entire American populace, and not for the privileged few.”

We could not agree more. Thank you Matthew, not only for moving us forward in the battle to get big money out of politics, but for setting an inspiring example for others to follow!