Spreading the word about the Restore Democracy Amendment with our helpful talking points is one of the most important things you can do to help get big money out of politics. If we are truly going to transform our political system we cannot rely on politicians or judges to lead the way. We must be the catalyst for the change we desire!

Below are ten talking points that will help you effectively explain to friends, family members, and other acquaintances why getting big money out of politics is so important, why passing the Restore Democracy Amendment is the right solution, and why we all must do our part as a volunteer or donor. Get to know these talking points and then start spreading the word because the more people who hear about the Restore Democracy Amendment, the more likely we are to succeed!

Top 10 Talking Points

Why Getting Big Money Out of Politics Is So Important

1) Big Money Prevents Our Government From Working The Way It Should

Getting big money out of politics is critically important because money disrupts the fundamental relationship between We The People and our representatives. Our elected officials are supposed to represent real life human beings–their constituents–and do what is in the best interest of the community as a whole. But when a large corporation, a powerful union, a special interest group, or a billionaire gains undue influence over elected officials through large campaign contributions, that fundamental relationship is distorted. Because of big money in politics, our elected officials do no truly represent us anymore.

2) Big Money In Politics Rewards The Already Rich and Powerful

When wealthy donors wield too much influence over politicians, new politices tend to favor those wealthy donors at the expense of average Americans. You don’t need to look far to find real life examples. Tax breaks for oil companies, laws that keep the prices of prescription drugs high while pharmaceutical companies make record profits, or bail outs for big banks are all examples of how powerful industries receive excessive benefits due to their close ties with politicians. Until we get big money out of politics, we will never be able to shift the balance of power back in favor of We The People.

3) Big Money In Politics Prevents Progress On Nearly Every Major Issue

Do you ever wonder why we don’t require background checks on all firearm sales even though 85 percent of Americans favor them? Or why we don’t make more progress against climate change even though 70 percent of Americans believe it is supported by concrete evidence? Or why college tuition costs have been skyrocketing in the past decade? Or why it seems like your cable company has a monopoly in your area?

The reason that year after year we fail to see the kind of progress we desire on so many issues is because big money in politics allows powerful moneyed interests to prevent that progress. If gun manufacturers didn’t hold so much sway over Congress we could pass meaningful gun control reform in a heartbeat. If communications companies didn’t make so many campaign expenditures we would all save money on our cable and internet bills. And if huge financial institutions couldn’t make or break elections we could get our student loan debt under control.

Many people have causes they care about–education, economic inequality, immigration reform, or something else. But what most people fail to realize is that before we can solve the other problems we’re concerned about, we must first solve our big money in politics problem. Step one is to get big money out of politics. Step two is to fix everything else.

Why Passing the Restore Democracy Amendment Is The Right Solution

4) We Cannot Get Big Money Out of Politics Without a Constitutional Amendment

Until we pass a constitutional amendment that shifts the balance of power back to Congress, state legislatures, and voters and away from nine unelected judges, the integrity of our democracy will always be in jeopardy. We cannot depend on the Supreme Court–the same institution that gave us Citizens United, Buckley v. Valeo, and other problematic decisions–to be the guardian of our campaign finance system. A constitutional amendment is the only way we can limit spending by corporations, unions, or ultra-wealthy individuals. So we must be focused, strategic, and relentless until we pass the Restore Democracy Amendment.   

5) The Restore Democracy Amendment Offers the Right Combination of Impact and Viability

Since Citizens United many legislators and groups have put forth amendment proposals designed to get our campaign finance system back on track. Though many of those proposals are laudable, no proposed amendment offers the same combination of power and viability as the Restore Democracy Amendment. If we truly want to transform our political system we cannot support impractical amendments that get rid of all the constitutional rights of unions and corporations. Nor will pursing a constitutional convention get us where we need to go. That is why we must unite behind a powerful, practical proposal like the Restore Democracy Amendment.

6) The Restore Democracy Amendment is a Bipartisan Solution for a Universal Problem

For too long Republicans and Democrats have been unable to unite behind a common solution to get big money out of politics even though over 75 percent of members of both parties agree that we must transform our broken campaign finance system. Part of the reason for the divide is that poorly worded amendment proposals have not appealed to members of both parties. But the Restore Democracy Amendment is here to bridge the gap.

By allowing us to limit the political influence of both corporations and unions, the Restore Democracy Amendment can truly be embraced by citizens and legislators on both sides of the aisle. We don’t play favorites. Big money in politics is not just a problem for some Americans. It’s a problem for all of us because it undermines the relationship between We The People and our elected officials. Because we face a universal problem, we must have a bipartisan solution. The Restore Democracy Amendment is the solution you can get behind regardless of your political affiliation.

7) Yes, We Really Can Pass The Restore Democracy Amendment

There will be skeptics and naysayers on our path to success. There always are. But passing the Restore Democracy Amendment is not a fantasy; it’s a realistic goal we can achieve if we work together and make the effort. Throughout history Americans have mobilized time and again to pass a constitutional amendment. The 17th Amendment providing for the direct election of Senators, the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote, and the 18th and 21st Amendments, first prohibiting alcohol and then repealing that prohibition, were all passed due largely to underlying social movements.

Twenty states have already passed resolutions calling to overturn Citizens United or get big money out of politics. Over 200 members of the Congress support at least one amendment proposal. We are closer to success than most people know. If enough people unite behind the common goal of passing the Restore Democracy Amendment, we can gain the additional support we need to reclaim our democracy!

Why You Should Support Citizens Take Action as a Volunteer, Donor, or Both!

8) Because You Really Can Make a Difference

Passing a constitutional amendment is a matter of math. We need 290 House Members, 67 Senators, and three quarters of state legislatures on board. We already have more than half the support we need. But to gain the rest, we need volunteers helpuing us build support in every Congressional district, and donors who support our ongoing efforts. Whether you’re getting an endorsement from your local Democratic or Republican club, or you chip in $10 a month as a monthly contributor, every little bit helps. You don’t have to be a Senator or a titan of industry to help us reclaim our democracy. All that is required is the willingness to try and the perseverance to keep moving forward.

9) Because People Power is Our Greatest Asset

Billionaires will not bankroll the campaign to get big money out of politics. Congress will not take action unless we demand it. In the fight to get big money out of politics, people power is the greatest asset and the more people who get involved, the better our chances of success!

10) Because You Will Be Proud You Did

The generation of Americans who fought and held down the home front during World War II have been given the moniker the Greatest Generation due to the sacrifices they made for our country. Over 400,000 American soldiers lost their lives and even more Americans found ways to support the war effort at great personal expense because they believed that their communities and their country were worth that sacrifice. The Greatest Generation is a well deserved name.

Today’s generations face a different battle and must make a different sacrifice. Over the years, as big money has gone into our political system We The People have been pushed out and our government has slipped away from us. Citizens Take Action believes that it is our job to get things back on track. Fortunately, we don’t have to sacrifice our lives in this effort. All that is required is some of our time and energy. If enough Americans unite and persevere, we truly can reclaim our democracy from powerful moneyed interests. Considering the sacrifice previous generations have made for us, volunteering a few hours every now and then or making a monthly contribution to preserve the integrity of our democracy is a sacrifice worth making!