Ep. 10 Why There Is New Hope For Political Reform In 2021

After a polarizing four years, a Capitol riot, and a contentious election, systemic political reforms feel more essential than ever. Fortunately, there is new hope for political reform in 2021. In this episode we discuss why the last four years were not hospitable to systemic reforms, why we expect the next four years to be better, and specifically where the movement for a campaign finance reform amendment goes from here. We also consider why Congressional Republicans are so different than Republican voters. And provide an update on how you can get involved in the fight for a campaign finance reform amendment.

Ep. 8 How To Analyze Presidential Debates with Jon Landis

The first round of 2020 Democratic Primary debates are in the books and with the second round fast approaching, we thought there was no better time for a podcast. In this episode Jon Landis and David Edward Burke share their thoughts on how to analyze presidential debates. How do we separate the substance from the style? Are we overrating the importance of debates in the primary process? And how can we tell the difference between candidates who are reciting talking points, and the ones who actually know the nuances?

Whether you’re curious what they thought about the first debate, or you’re looking forward to the next round, we think you’ll find something thought provoking in the episode.

So sit back, listen, and enjoy!