In order to restore government of, by, and for the people we need YOU to help us spread the word about the problems caused by big money in politics and related issues. Whether you’re talking to an elected official, a friend, or a family member, you need to become an expert and have great talking points at your disposal. The fact sheets below have plenty of useful information. You can also check out our Talking Points page for our Top Ten Talking Points.


The data proves that there has been a tidal wave of political spending in recent years:

Big money has warped our foreign policy in favor of elites:

The Koch brothers have used their massive war chest to obscure the date on climate change:

For profit businesses are having a huge influence over our elections:


Learn what Americans think about big money in politics and our political system:

If you believe power should be shifted from the Supreme Court to We The People, you aren’t alone:

Approximately 70 percent of Americans would do away with Super PACs completely:

Even small business owners don’t support undue corporate influence over our democracy:

Big money in politics even makes Americans less likely to vote: