Citizens Take Action believes in what we call “people power.” Though large corporations and billionaires may be opposed to getting big money out of politics, we believe their financial resources are no match for committed citizens working together toward a common goal. In the fight to get big money out of politics people power is our greatest asset.

The best way to get Congress to pass the Restore Democracy Amendment is to contact your representatives directly. Below are links that will help you find your Congressional representatives along with a link sample letter/email you can send them. Please contact your representative today and tell them to support the amendment. We recommend sending  letter, sending an email using the same text as the letter, and then calling their office and urging them to support a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics. If you want to magnify your impact, ask some friends to do the same or post about it on social media.

Once you hear back from your Congressional office, send us an email at and tell us how it went!

Sample Letter To Your Representative

United States Congress