Why the Restore Democracy Amendment is a Bipartisan Solution

According to recently released polling, 66 percent of Republicans, 85 percent of Democrats, and 70 percent of independents support a constitutional amendment to shift power back from Supreme Court to Congress, state legislatures, and voters, and allow us to overturn Citizens United. That’s because this cause isn’t about winning elections or attacking corporations or unions. At its core, getting big money out of politics is about representation and about restoring our democracy so that our representatives are beholden to We The People rather than to a few powerful special interests. By keeping that in mind, we can explain to those who aren’t yet part of the movement why they should get involved regardless of their political affiliation.

How to Proceed

Citizens Take Action drafted the Restore Democracy Amendment  as a bipartisan solution to the challenges posed by big money in politics. By going after big money from both corporations and unions, we can attract supporters on both sides of the aisle. But we must be thoughtful about how we speak to people of different political persuasions about the amendment.

On our Talking Points page you will find talking points to use when speaking to others about getting big money out of politics and the Restore Democracy Amendment. Get familiar with them so that you are well prepared next time you’re volunteering or speaking to a friend, colleague, or family member. Remember, because getting big money out of politics is truly a bipartisan issue, getting any potential supporter on board is merely a matter of respecting your audience and explaining the issue in a way that will resonate with them!